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A woodsmith's life for me: Remington 700 30-06 gets a new stock

Buckle up! We're going a little into the woodworking weeds on this one! A good customer brought us a pair of 90% finished Fancy Turkish walnut stock blanks to install on a pair of his Remington 700s. The rifles featured dull, factory stocks that didn't quite match the engraving so he opted to jazz 'em up a little.Tom first inlet the stock to fit the action. With the action fit, he bed & floated the channel, which is something we do to improve accuracy. He then shaped the entire stock to give it a slimmer profile, as well as to make sure it was balanced.To make the stock one-of-a-kind, he reshaped the forend tip into the traditional 700 BDL look and the pistol grip to the customer specs. He then carved out a French-style cheekpiece wi...  Read More

A hog huntin' son-of-a-gun: Ruger American Predator 6mm Creedmoor + ATN ThOR

A customer brought us his Ruger American Predator in 6mm Creedmoor to transform it into a sweet-shootin' hog gun. He wanted us to hook him up with two things: thermal vision and a silencer. Unfortunately, the silencer is currently held up in red tape (🙄 thanks ATF), so we can't show that juuuuust yet. The rifle came optics ready with a picatinny rail where we mounted an ATN ThOR 4 4.5-18x thermal scope with a set of 30mm Talley steel rings. The customer gave us a budget of $3500 for thermal and this was the scope he ultimately settled on. The ThOR 4 is one helluva scope y'all. It comes equipped with a rangefinder, a Gen 4 384x288 thermal sensor, WiFi/Bluetooth capabilities, and... drumroll... it records video. Thermal, like every other...  Read More

The Rifleman Revisited: Our Ode to Chuck Conners

A customer asked us to replicate the Winchester 92 Chuck Conners carried in The Rifleman as a unique gift for his son who graduates from medical school soon. However, there was an extra twist to the project - since our customer wanted the caliber to be .30-30 instead of .44-40 Win, we had to track down a base model Winchester 94. Let me tell you, sourcing a Winchester 94 (or any lever action for that matter) was nigh impossible last year during the pandemic. After several months of searching, we at last acquired a used 94 plus all the components. Then the real work began. ⚡️ We fit, installed, and headspaced a new, period-correct 30-30 Win 20" barrel to replace the original, pitted barrel. We then installed a big loop lever followed by...  Read More

Winchester 12: A classic metal rejuvenation

Winchester Model 12 shotguns are iconic pieces of American firearm history. We dated this one to 1939 and it was in overall pretty great shape for its age.This 12 gauge came to us for a full reblue, which is Sterling's department. He disassembled it and found a few additional things needed to be done prior to the rebluing process. The shotgun needed a chamber hone & polish and new magazine cap screws. Sterling also noticed the shotgun had headspace issues, which can be injurious or potentially deadly if not corrected. With Ron's help, he fabricated a new collar to correct the issue and make it safe to shoot.Once he did that, he stripped all the old finish off the metal and gave it a smooth polish on the wheel. Sterling, who's been re...  Read More

A history lesson: Astra M400 / 1921 9mm Largo

This Astra M400 /1921 9mm Largo pistol came to us because it wasn't firing. @likenew_gunsmithing disassembled it and found it called for a serious clean and lube due to a layer of debris and rust that had obstructed several internal parts. Once he gave her a good scrub-a-dub, all functions checked out and it test fired a full magazine successfully with strong primer strikes. 👍 I looked up the technical aspects of the 9mm Largo cartridge and how it compared to the 9x19mm Luger because I'm pretty unfamiliar with the Largo round. The 9mm Largo cartridge (9×23mm Largo *technically* 🤓) was developed in 1901 for the Bergmann Mars pistol in Germany. Compared to the 9x19mm Luger, the Largo is a less powerful cartridge. And, in case it's not obv...  Read More

A head to toe transformation: Ruger AR-556

Time to hit the range! We tricked out this Ruger AR-556 5.56 NATO rifle purchased from us with a ton of upgrades. The full ingredient list includes: ⚡️ In-house urban camo #Cerakote job by our Cerakote guru Tom⚡️ Timney AR-15 Competition trigger set to 3 lbs⚡️ Sig Sauer Romeo MSR red dot sight mount & boresighted⚡️ Battle Arms ambidextrous safety⚡️ Magpul M-LOK rails, magazine release and B.A.D. lever View this post on Instagram A post shared by McClelland Gun Shop (@mcclellandgunshop)  Read More

Ron's Rants & Raves: AR-15s & a Chuck Conners replica

RANT | For years, I've grumbled the firearms industry lacks consistency when it comes to components. For example, the popularity of AR-15s exploded the aftermarket for furniture and parts, many of which are advertised as universal or drop-in. Well, as in life, this is the exception, not the rule. In reality, manufacturers don't follow a set group of standards. That can - not always - cause issues when different components are mixed and matched. One giant headache we've seen repeatedly in the Service Shop is cycling problems with customized AR builds. Each rifle is unique, so our in-house AR guru Chris has spent countless hours dissecting the interplay between ammo, gas ports, and gas blocks for solutions. Adding a suppressor into th...  Read More

A Browning Superposed back to its former glory!

This Browning Superposed 12 ga (dated to 1961) came to the Service Shop for a cleaning and was also having selection issues. Chris tore it down and gave it a good clean & lube, removing rust and other gummed up oils. He replaced both mainsprings and the firing pins. He had to retrofit the firing pins to allow for proper protrusion for strong primer strikes. Chris then honed and polished both chambers and scrubbed corrosion from the bore. Finally, he stoned the inertia block shelf and sear tails to ease transition to the second barrel. The Superposed shined up like a new penny and no longer has selection issues. HUZZAH!Fun fact: Did you know the Superposed was the first over/under shotgun to be produced ever? Production started waaaay...  Read More