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Revitalizing a Second Model Colt Lightning


This small-frame Second Model Colt Lightning in 22 LR -- dated to 1903 -- was brought to our shop by a long-time Colt collector. This is merely one of the ten Lightning models he owns. 😮 He also dropped off an extra barrel that needed some serious work.

The smiths managed to salvage the octagon barrel already installed in the rifle. It needed a good lapping, as well as a hone & polish. The rifle required some additional mechanical work to make it functional once again. As for the extra barrel... yikes. It came to us with the chamber and barrel totally shot out. Once the smith rechambered it and re-lined the barrel, it was as good as new!

A LITTLE HISTORY: The Lightning was the first ever rimfire rifle Colt made from 1887-1904. In a larger caliber, this pump rifle was used by the San Francisco Police Department. Eventually, it fell out of favor as it was never as reliable or popular as the lever action rifles of the day. Thanks for the info, Wikipedia! 😉