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Classic Doubles: A tale as old as time


This Classic Doubles 201 Field 20 gauge side by side already sold to a customer in Michigan, but I wanted to share the history of it anyway!

As Ron tells it, when the Winchester Olin company got out of the shotgun business, (I believe they eventually sold most of their IP to Browning) a handful of the former Winchester execs decided to form their own company, Classic Doubles. They wanted to create a gun that both resembled a Winchester Model 21 with the improved features of a Winchester Model 23. The same plant in Japan that manufactured shotguns for Winchester continued making them for the Classic Doubles company. They were high-quality, well-made shotguns that cost a pretty penny back in the day. Unfortunately, consumers weren't willing to pay for their more expensive shotgun, so the company eventually folded.

The 201 Field 20 gauge we had in the store was in fabulous shape. The checkering was sharp, the bluing was shiny and unmarred, and the lock-up was still tight for a vintage shooter. Now, it's heading to hunt in the upper peninsula of Michigan!