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Rara Avis: When Ron Talks Someone Out of Paying Him Money


Got a fun one for y'all! This Remington 740 Woodsmaster in 300 Savage came to the shop for both a function check and a drill/tap to mount a scope on the action. We performed the function check but -- and this is a rare occurance -- Ron talked the customer out of the drill and tap. Why? Because this 740 is such a rare bird, especially when chambered in 300 Savage. Ron says tapping the receiver would spoil the value, both to collectors and as a piece of gun history.

🔸 Overall, the rifle's in great shape for its age.
🔸 It has a low four digit serial number, making it a possible first year of production piece.
🔸 300 Savage is a relatively unique caliber for a semi-auto platform.
🔸 That little hole you see in the receiver shows the ejector retaining pin holding the ejector in place.
🔸 It still has the original buckhorn rear sight and aluminum buttplate.