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A Centenarian Rides Again!: Meet the Eddystone 1917


This Eddystone 1917 rifle arrived at the Service Shop in need of a safety & headspace check as well as a caliber determination. Traditionally, the 1917s were chambered for .30-06, but you never know when a prior owner has re-barreled the rifle. We determined this rifle was manufactured in June 1918 (five months before the end of WWI), making this piece a certified centenarian!

Chris performed the initial headspace check and determined the rifle safe to shoot. He then honed/polished the chamber and cleaned & lubed the rifle to remove years of rust, gummy oils, and build up. To confirm the caliber, he performed a chamber cast. Our hunch was right — it’s a .30-06! After a final test fire, this shooter is back in business.

“On 30 April 1915 the United Kingdom placed a contract with Remington Arms for 1,500,000 Pattern 1914 Enfield rifles. When Remington subcontracted the bulk of this order to Baldwin, Baldwin built a 14-acre rifle plant at Eddystone, the largest factory in the United States during World War I. The rifle plant employed 15,294 workers, with women accounting for 20 percent of the peak work force, manufacturing up to 6,000 rifles per day. Rifle plant operations ceased on 11 January 1919 after producing 1,959,954 rifles with spare parts equivalent to 200,000 more rifles.” Source: Wikipedia