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It's a great day to apply for the NFA stamp! We've streamlined a better, more efficient way to help our customers obtain silencers by improving our own in-house NFA application process. We can now do it all -- fingerprints, photographs and trusts -- at our store, with no kiosk or third-party involved. No more running around town for fingerprinting, and best of all, your personal information isn't released to a third-party application processor. The Six Silencer Steps include:

1. Pick out a silencer. Browse some of our inventory here on our website or come by the store for guidance.

2. Decide whether to apply as an individual or a trust. We contract with a local lawyer (who's also a longtime customer and gun guy) to set up trusts. Contact us for more info.

3. Come by the shop for in-house fingerprinting, photographs, and to provide necessary application info.

4. Set up an ATF eForm account. Notate your username and PIN number, which is required for final certification.

5. Once we have the silencer in our possession, we will contact you to set up an appointment to certify the application in store. Certification must be performed in person, as required by federal law.

6. The waiting begins! Current eForm wait times run roughly 10 months.

Download the NFA / Class 3 check-list here