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WE CHARGE $75 for firearms transfers on non-competing items from other gun shops/businesses and $75 for transfers from individuals. Please call or send us an email with the following information: type of firearm, your name and contact information and the contact information of the dealer or individual. Customers who are purchasing from us are responsible for notifying the dealer or individual to send us a copy of their Federal Firearms License (FFL).

STORAGE FEE FOR TRANSFERS STARTING ON 9/1/20: If a transferred firearm is left in our possession for more than 30 days, we will begin charging storage fees of $15/month.

WE DO NOT provide a copy of our FFL to individual citizens. In lieu of a FFL, individuals transferring a firearm must by law provide us with a copy of their current driver's license. We WILL NOT under any circumstances transfer a firearm without a legible copy of an FFL or current driver's license.

IF YOU WISH to transfer a gun through our shop to another FFL holder, we charge $75 per gun, plus shipping.

THE MINIMUM LEGAL AGE to purchase a shotgun or rifle is 18 years of age; the minimum legal age to purchase a pistol is 21 years of age. The same laws apply to ammunition. We also require purchasers of AR-15s to be 21 years old.