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Go Shorty, It's Ya Birthday: How we took too tallboys and hacked off some length!


Our recent customer decided to turn his Marlin 94 25-20 Win & Stevens Ranger 20 gauge into a pair of short shootin' son-of-a-guns!

The first project was a Stevens Ranger 20 gauge with fresh ATF approval for NFA Short Barreled Shotgun status. The gunsmiths cut the barrels down to nearly match the length of the forend. They then shortened/shaped the stock it into a pistol grip. They fabricated a new stock bolt and washer, retapped the receiver hole for the new bolt, and also turned down the firing pin shoulders. Final steps included repairing the safety, refinishing the wood, and performing a function check. Whew!

For the Marlin 94, the barrel was first cut & crowned to 16". The magazine tube (and corresponding spring) was also cut down and drilled/tapped for a mount. The stock was cut down to a pistol grip, shaped, and then refinished. A new dovetail was cut and a new front sight installed. They also replaced the mag follower. It met the ATF required minimum length of 26" overall length (so it doesn't need an NFA stamp) and passed a function check!