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A Colt 1903 380 ACP shines up like a new penny!


This Colt 1903 380 ACP came to us for a complete restore. It was in pretty rough and rusty shape, which makes the final product that much better.

- Sterling prepped the metal and removed what was left of the original bluing. On the polishing wheel, he removed all imperfections, pitting, scratches, etc.
- The barrel crown came in damaged, so the gunsmiths recrowned it.
- Because the metal arrived in such poor condition, Sterling couldn't save the original Rampant Colt engraving. We had our engraver recreate the engraving on the slide and it looks AWESOME.
- The bore needed lots of lapping due to decades of copper fouling build up.
- Finally, the guys fit a new set of grips to the pistol and gave it a final test fire! 💥