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JRR Tolkein's sidepiece: The Webley Mk IV top break


This Webley Mk VI top-break revolver came to the Service Shop for a caliber confirmation and function check. We initially thought it was a .455 Webley -- which was the original factory caliber -- but this one's since been converted to .45 ACP. It functions fine and test fired successfully, so woo hoo!

A little history: Webley introduced the Mk VI in 1915 during WWI. The revolver proved a hardy weapon well-suited to the tough conditions of trench warfare. Accessories made for the revolver include a bayonet, speedloader, and a stock turning it into a carbine. Ultimately, Webley ended production of the Mk IV in 1923.

Fun fact: J.R.R. Tolkien, he of Lord of the Rings fame, carried this revolver in WWI. Thanks to Landis for the info! 😊